The 3rd series of the Shift Accelerator Programme (SAP) will start in April 2020 and it’s going to be bigger and better than ever. If you want to be a part of this exciting journey, secure your place as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Built from the ground up to cover every aspect of running a business, this year’s SAP will help 18 business owners build confidence in themselves and broaden their knowledge so they can grow their companies, transform their fortunes and reap all the rewards that come with having a truly successful business.

Now what sets the SAP apart from other similar programmes is that it has been developed (and will be delivered) by subject matter experts who are also business owners; individuals who have actually used the techniques taught to successfully grow several businesses of their own (and continue to do so).

Furthermore, when you join the Shift Accelerator Programme, you become part of a dedicated community of like-minded business owners. This is a really important component as it gives all of you the joint accountability you need to succeed.

We guarantee that if you implement everything you learn during the programme - something which we’ll help you with as we progress - you’ll achieve all of the goals and objectives we agree on at the beginning, no ifs or buts.

When you come out of the 6-month programme, you'll have a crystal clear understanding of what you want to achieve, as well as all the tools and knowledge needed to achieve it.

This year’s SAP will also be the first held in our brand new Momentum Hub in the heart of St Neots, an environment that’s designed to help you get the very most from the experts we’ve assembled.

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But don't just take our word for it...

Participating in the Shift Accelerator Programme has been without a doubt the best investment I’ve made in both business and myself.

The delivery from all involved was top notch. They broke each part down in a way that was easy to understand, and as a result I’ve gone from feeling overwhelmed to confident and excited. I cannot recommend this highly enough to any freelancers or business owners, or anyone that is looking to start!

Tom Fordham - Videographer

Stages of the Shift Accelerator Programme:
Pre-qualification – Business analysis
We want to make sure that the Shift Accelerator Programme is right for you and your business. That’s why we kindly insist on you having a one-hour discovery session with Alex Hughes, founder of Shift Momentum and award-winning entrepreneur, to discuss where you are now, what you are doing currently and where you want to be going forward.

It’s an approach that helps us better understand you and your business, as well as offer any personalised recommendations for you to take away - and this is all before the programme even starts!

The Shift Accelerator Programme would not have enjoyed the success it has without the synergy of all those involved, which is why we want to make sure that this is the best business decision for you right now.
  • Strategy & Effective Execution
This session is crucial to understanding what you hope to achieve with your business. By  the end of this first month, we will agree a set of clear, attainable objectives, complete with milestones, and outline them all in a strategy.

It’s also the month you’ll discover the principles we use to ensure your goals can be achieved and pull these into our Shift Business Toolkit to afford complete transparency throughout the rest of the process.

Finally, you’ll be introduced to our productivity tools and methods which enable you to execute on the actions agreed and deliver the results required to achieve the objectives set out in the strategy.

  • Month 2 – Product Offering
In this crucial third month, we will look at your brand positioning, where your product/service fits in the market and start to dive in to discovering who your target market is. Getting clear on this will completely change your game, allowing you to make much more informed decisions when it comes to attracting clients, the tools you will use to do so and how much you are charging for your product or service.

This session will also be supported by author and trainer Lee Smith, who will take you through defining your WIDIFY (Why I Do It For You). It’s a principle that he’s developed which enables businesses to effectively communicate to their target market what it is that they do. Once you have defined this, you’ll be able to clearly focus on your marketing, messaging and product offering to attract the most valuable visitors, referrals and potential customers to your business.
  • Month 3 – Marketing
Month 3 is when we bring out all the big guns of Marketing so you can learn from the best. You’ll get to work with some fantastic marketing agencies to develop your customer journey, which will help increase the number of enquiries you receive and improve your lead generation.

During this session, you’ll also benefit from a 1:1 face to face audit with one of our marketing experts, in which they’ll help you review your target market you developed the previous month and provide you with some invaluable insights into how you can ensure your marketing aligns with your customer journey.

As an extra bonus, we’ll also have a Social Media Expert in the room to help you maximise your return on investment on the platforms that your ideal customer spends their time on.
  • Month 4 – Sales
Lots of businesses get a steady stream of leads. But what good is this if you aren’t able to convert a decent number of them into sales?

In this session we work on how to convert leads into sales by identifying opportunities in your sales process and locking in your all-important follow-up process. With your customer journey optimised and your WIDIFY developed, we will show you how to shift from selling a product/service to selling an experience by way of a powerful, natural and impactful sales process that will in turn increase your sales.

We will also explore the important role networking and collaboration plays in the growth of your business, with tactics that compound over time.
  • Month 5 – Finance
In month 5 you’ll be introduced to our in-house accountant, Spinifex Accounting. Together, we will take you through how to manage the finances of your business and understand the language of business. You’ll learn why all this is important and what key information you should capture to put you in the best possible position to grow.

We’ll also show you how to better analyse your business, allowing you to make informed decisions when it comes to generating more income through increased return on investment; increasing cash flow for growth; and optimising your bottom line for maximum return as you grow.
  • Month 6 – Operations & Launch
With targets set and a timeline in hand, the last session will provide you with the preparation required to scale the operations of your business to match your forecasted growth. We build out the essential processes because “turnover is vanity, profit is sanity”, right? Well... to make profit you need to be efficient with everything you deliver to your market and this month gives you all the operational fundamentals to allow your business to enjoy the build phase as you accelerate.
  • Month 7 – Bonus Session
This is a complimentary session we put on to give you something extra to take with you as you go off to accelerate your business with everything you have taken away from the programme. If you need a bit more specific marketing support or we need to look deeper into financing the growth, this is the session where we can bring those people in to give you extra support.

We also have a reputation to enjoy the occasional social, so we will put on some drinks, arrange a photographer to get you some fresh headshots and put some entertainment on. We will celebrate what will have been a really fun and constructive start to our journey together.

But don't just take our word for it...

I started the Shift Accelerator Programme not knowing much about business or how to expand in the right way. Alex really makes you feel welcome and the knowledge he has about small business is unbelievable.

Since completing the course, my confidence has grown no end. Can't thank them enough!

Paul Smith - PGS Carpets

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